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Ingo Madinda Ndlovu
Full Name : Ingo Madinda Ndlovu
Position : Striker
Nickname : Junior

Playing History: Almondsbury UWE (Semi-Pro), University of West England Bristol (1st Team), Handsworth FC (Semi-Pro), Sheffield Fc (Semi-Pro), Sheffield Utd Acadamy u14s

Brief Statement: Being raised in a family of footballers, I have played the game since I was 7 years old and it is something that came natural to me. I love scoring goals, getting past players with my skilfulness and pace.

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19-06-2016 00:00
Zanzibar 0 : 3 Zimbabwe
Eqt Guinea 0 : 3 Zimbabwe
18-06-2016 00:00
Cameroon 0 : 2 Zimbabwe
Nigeria 2 : 1 Zimbabwe