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Thomas Thomik
Full Name : Thomas Thomik
Position : Assistant Coach

Thomas is assisting head coach JB in the absence of Liberty Masunda. He is also secretary of the organising committee for  Team Zimbabwe UK. 

He is a Pharmacist based in the city of Birmingham and has been actively involved in the Zimbabwean footballing community in the UK since his arrival from Zimbabwe in 2001 both as a player and in administration. 

His passion for football developed from a tender age when he used to spend all day playing football with friends in the Avenues and Morris Depot in Harare. His main influence came from what was a golden era for Zimbabwean football in the  90s. A tough defender in his own right, his footballing days in Zimbabwe were spent playing for The Italian Club in the Harare Social Soccer League as the demands of playing at higher levels proved too much for his studies. He had a brief spell at the University of Zimbabwe soccer team in the then Northern Region Division One League.

In the UK, he briefly played semi-professional football for Darlaston Town FC in 2002. He then focused more on his profession but continued playing in the amateur leagues. In 2011, he took over as  Secretary of Three Ways Shipping FC, a Zimbabwean team playing in the Birmingham Festival League. Alongside Liberty Masunda and the rest of the new management, they brought stability and success to the side. He still plays at Centre-half for the team, putting to shame his younger, less fit rivals.

Thomas joined the Team Zimbabwe UK last year as a player before becoming Secretary of the organising committee after the AFCON UK 2013 tournament. He is now fully focused on the administrative side of things and nurturing the upcoming young talent, although he would not need to be asked twice to put on his football boots.

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19-06-2016 00:00
Zanzibar 0 : 3 Zimbabwe
Eqt Guinea 0 : 3 Zimbabwe
18-06-2016 00:00
Cameroon 0 : 2 Zimbabwe
Nigeria 2 : 1 Zimbabwe